Games for Good: Designing Games with a Social Impact, July 25-26-27-28, 2019,

Sponsored by U.S. Consulate General, Public Affairs Section in Hyderabad.


Speakers and program trainers:

IAC has brought on-board established game-design experts from USA and India. They have years of subject matter experience and domain knowledge. They will train participants at the event and encourage them to develop creative game presentations, demos and prototypes.

Sean Bouchard


Sean Bouchard has worked as a game designer and technology lead in the University of Southern California's Interactive Media and Games Division since 2011. His work for the division includes Mission: Admission, a time-management game about preparing for college, Chrono Cards, a card game about historical thinking and the causes of WWI, and Life Underground, a digital dark ride about discovering and identifying microscopic life forms. He regularly teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on game design fundamentals, experimental game design, polishing and publishing games, and game production. He has spoken at the Game Developers Conference, the IndieCade Festival, the Meaningful Play conference, the Games for Change Festival, the Digital Media and Learning conference, and the Digital Games Research Association conference.

Sean also produces games as an independent game developer, including tabletop games, digital games, and location-based installation projects. His work, which has been featured at the Independent Games Festival, IndieCade, Games for Change, E3, and GDC, includes Application Crunch, a card game about the college application process, Spectre, a narrative platformer about memory and dementia, and BOSS Box, a modular AR-powered escape room. Previously, he worked as a programmer at the Institute for Creative Technology, examining the therapeutic potential of virtual worlds. He has served as an organizer and juror for the IndieCade Festival and the USC Games Expo. His focus is on narrative design and motivating social interaction through game mechanics.

Sean is an integral part of the GFP Program as he brings with him years of subject matter expertise and terrific game-design skills. He is the program’s U.S. expert, speaker, trainer, and mentor to all the workshop participants.

Vijay Lakshman


Vijay Lakshman is a veteran of software development, having successfully delivered 85 projects in deadline-oriented environments with budgets ranging up to $100MM. He is the creator of the Elder Scrolls: Arena, the first of the giant RPG series and has worked on mega-franchises such as Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, and Lord of the Rings. His expertise spans multiple development methodologies in videogames, Edtech, and engagement for healthcare. He’s successfully raised over $10MM in equity funding and is comfortable operating as an executive/entrepreneur in both corporate and startup efforts. He is an award-winning author, proven leader, a straight-talker, and believes hard work is an integral part of any successful venture.

With such as illustrious career, Vijay is GFG’s US expert and trainer.

Kavita Vemuri


Dr. Kavita Vemuri is an Assistant Professor at the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Hyderabad. She was the Founder and Head of the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the institute and has also set up Serious Games and The Perception Engineering Lab. She teaches game design and engineering, cognitive neuroscience, engineering systems, and fiber optic communications. In addition she studies gaming as an effective medium for learning, as intervention tools for cognitive (dis)abilities and motor-rehab for stroke & spinal-cord injury patients. Technology from the lab has been licensed to a startup company and products are installed in rehab center in Hyderabad. By looking at the human brain/behavior aspects of game design and experience, she hopes to understand the functional brain in the complex process of decision making specifically. For 2 years, Kavita was the Head of the Technology Development Center at CII, Chennai and MSME Technology Assistance Center. She has 20 years of experience with research, engineering, new product/technology development. Kavita has worked at 3M’s Corporate Research Labs, Austin, Texas in the Optical Devices Program. She was a research engineer at Rational (now IBM), Converse Technologies and Galactic Industries at (Massachusetts and New Hampshire).

Kavita’s domain knowledge and specializations include cognitive neuroscience, game design and engineering, innovation/startups, telecom (fiber optical networks), control systems, and automobiles. She has filed for patents in fiber optics and polarization: US 6990274, US 6788851, US 8437588, filed in 2019 - binocular fusion measurement method. She has been granted 2 Indian design patents in game and human system interactions. Kavita has covered topics ranging from serious gaming, color perception, brain imaging, decision making/risk, human intelligence, and optics as a part of writing in journals and participating in conferences and book chapters. Her education and qualifications include: MSc & MPhil Physics – University of Hyderabad; Graduate Student in Physics – SUNY, Albany; MS ECE – UMASS; PhD – IIITH.

With such an extensive profile, Kavita brings with her astute game-design skills and associated proficiency as the Indian expert and mentor for GFG.

Joining the Games for Good Program will also be head honchos of game-design corporations and technology firms in Hyderabad. They will talk about the necessary skills needed to be tech-savvy and elaborate on the future of game development as an industry.
Watch this space for more updates on experts joining the Games for Good Program.